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Is finding a work-life balance something that you struggle with?

The first thing to understand about work-life balance is that most people have the wrong idea of what it means. They think that their whole life should be balanced. That they should have a bit of work and a bit of play and a bit of time on the weekends to improve their quality of life.

Work-Life Balance Tips

Here are three tips for time management that will help you achieve a work-life balance and improve your quality of life:

1.) Use The Power Of Positive Statements

Positive statements, or positive self-talk, are commands that you pass from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, that you either say out loud or to yourself, with emotion and enthusiasm to drive the words into your subconscious mind. Sort of like instructing yourself to follow new instructions.

2.) Visualize Your Time Management Skills

Mental pictures almost immediately influence the way you think. Begin to see yourself as well organized, efficient, and effective in time management. Recall and recreate memories and pictures of yourself when you were performing at your best and getting through enormous amounts of work.

3.) Take Action Based On Your Visualizations

Now that you have visualized and concentrated on what your day and your future will look like with proper time management, it’s time to put it into action.

Do this by working the entire time you’re at work. When you walk into the office, you should work the entire time you’re there. Be pleasant and friendly to your co-workers, but get to work right away and work until you are finished.

By doing this, you’ll get on top of your work and will walk away feeling accomplished at the end of your day. When you don’t have lingering tasks to worry about, since you’ll have worked as hard as you could have during your time in the office, you’ll be left with plenty of quality time to spend with your friends and family after work.

If you want to learn how to stop pretending that you are doing something, follow these tips to get more done in less time and achieve work-life balance. Always remember that being busy is different from being productive.


Originally published by: Brian Tracy.