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There are many mistakes entrepreneurs might make especially in the beginning. Always remember that what you started is the foundation of what you are continually doing so focus, be efficient and never get beaten by the competition in the industry your business belongs to.

1. Understand that you can’t do everything

There is no way you are going to reach all of your goals if you attempt to do everything yourself. First, it’s impossible, and second, you will waste so much time juggling tasks and patching holes that your competition will blow right past you, as if you were standing still.

Coming to grips with this can be difficult — I had trouble with it myself in the beginning. It was very hard for me to accept the fact that I wasn’t good at everything and couldn’t tackle a never-ending to-do list alone.

Leave the ego at the door. As you mature as an entrepreneur you shift in terms of mindset, going from wanting to be the best individually, to wanting to work alongside the best.

2. Find the best team members to delegate specific tasks to

As mentioned in the tip above, you can’t do everything, so you need to gather the best people for each task and then delegate that workload to them. A successful business requires the best team members in their respective departments, just like a successful sports team needs the best players at their respective positions.

A lot of entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things in the beginning, when the majority of the focus should be on building a rock star team. The right team in place enables you to create a solid foundation that you can scale.

If you try to scale growth and expand with a poorly built team, you will see your business come crashing down. Sales and growth are important metrics to focus on, but make sure you have the right people in place to support it.

The modern era of entrepreneurship gives us unlimited possibilities when it comes to building a team. Before, you had to find the best available local talent. Now, you can assemble the best talent for the position, regardless of location. Many successful teams operate remotely and have team members scattered all over the globe.

3. Network with a diverse group of entrepreneurs

When I started out, I thought, How could networking with them possibly help me and my business? We are in completely different industries.

My reasoning couldn’t have been more wrong. Successful entrepreneurs all have something to bring to the table — experiences. It’s the experiences we go through that provide value to other entrepreneurs. These diverse experiences give us ideas on how we can handle difficult situations that might happen in the cycle of business, any industry.

After all, even if we all have different industries, businesses has only one cycle and to master this cycle; grabbing ideas from real life experiences is one of the important things that could help us in doing so.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is always important for you to become more efficient in the business you are managing. These tips will help you in doing so.

Originally published by: Entrepreneur.