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It is a challenge that in the Philippines, its quite obvious that international products seems to dominate the market but this idea shouldn’t prevent Filipino entrepreneurs to develop and promote local products to adapt in a changing environment.

Here are some tips to develop and to promote local products to conform to global standards.


If you are an entrepreneur who wants to establish a start-up business, one of the things that keeps you on doing so would be aligning what you like to what you will work on. At the same time, as a citizen of the Philippines, you should consider doing a business that will showcase your contribution to the entirety of the country. This reason shall give you the idea to align your passion in business to develop and market a locally-made product.

After developing a product which has the potential to captivate the market, marketing tools and techniques shall be the next step. As a tip, entrepreneurs which venture to this kind of businesses use their purpose to market what they are selling. Example would be developing a rural area by making the people within the vicinity their suppliers or workers.


Creating a unique selling proposition is an important aspect in developing a locally-made product. You need to execute it so the product, itself, will walk the talk. It is also the statement that will make your business a better choice and it will keep you apart from the tight competition. Some entrepreneurs develop a locally made product by adding flavors, emphasizing its benefits and developing an ad campaign.


A start-up business should maximize the use of digital marketing because it is considered as one of the best way in marketing products or services that can reach a large number of consumers. The thing that you will like most in using it is the ability to track the reach of the ads you made and to improve it immediately. Entrepreneurs can consider social media posting, content marketing, online email marketing and other digital marketing tools for it can help the business in reaching its target market in the cheapest way.


Another tip to reach your target market is to rent a booth which you can showcase your product physically. As an starting business, joining trade shows is a great opportunity for you to test how will the market respond, get to know investors that might help you in expanding your business and be more aware about the industry you are about to enter.

It is important to bring ideas of all kinds especially in starting up a business but choosing the right idea that can result to the betterment of the community will be more helpful. We shall learn to develop and market a locally-made product for it is a way to illustrate how excellent the Philippine products are!