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Exhibiting at Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo can give you a lot of benefits. If you are regular at Tradeshows, you start to become a household name. You start to generate the buzz you want. You can get most of potential leads at tradeshows who come to your booth.

Rather than spend countless days and money flying around the country to meet with customers, join tradeshows or exhibits that bring the targeted audience all under one roof. You get many things done in three days that you could not imagine getting done in six months or a year.

To be successful in Tradeshow or Exhibits you need to plan ahead, prepare and know the 4 Ways to Get the Most from Exhibiting at 4th Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo.

1. Make your Booth Inviting

Make your Booth Inviting
A big mistake newbies make is over packing their booths with furniture and inventory. You have to leave enough space for people to engage with you. Do not overcrowd the booth, less is more.

2. Create an Irresistible Pitch

Create an irresistible pitch
A great demo is nothing without an engaging pitch that presents the solution to a specific need of an investor, preferably in a minute or less.
A Video demo also can work well. It is a great way to show off your product, services, and solutions on your phone, tablet, or you need to do a presentation outside the booth. A video should be kept under three minutes its got to have conviction and energy.

3. Network, Network, Network

Network, Network, Network
Talk to everyone, everywhere. Go out of your way to befriend show organizers and staff. Tell them what you are looking for, be it customers, investors or publicity. Get to know exhibitors in the neighboring booths, too. When exploring the show, dont roam aimlessly. But, never leave your booth unattended, not even for a minute during lunch, and not late in the day when the event is winding down. Maybe the next person who will visit your booth will be your next biggest client.

4. Follow up and Evaluate

Follow up and evaluate
Your post show checklist should include more than merely reaching out to new contacts. Follow up isn’t just about closing sales. Its also about gauging an events return on investment. Its wise to attend a show with preset goals in mind. With trade shows, you can see, how many leads you have gotten? How many customers have you closed from those leads?