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So as they say, there’s no Business like the Food Business. And we Filipinos are known to spend more on food than anything else. This is why most entrepreneurs get into the food business.

Among all franchises in the Philippines, the food cart is probably the most popular. Aside from being affordable, finding your target market is relatively easier with a food business. No other Franchise segment offers such a variety of investment as the food franchises, which can be obtained for as little as Php100,000 for a cheap Cart Franchise.

There are many food cart businesses to choose from if you’re looking for a franchise. And here are Five Food Cart brands/concept that joined chose to promote their food carts at Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo:


1. Master Siomai

The Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise Business was developed by Masterrific Foods, a Philippine based company established in 2000, that specializes in the production and distribution of processed meat. As its name suggests, this food cart offers variants of siomai products, which is a very well known Chinese food in the Philippines.


2. Miguelitos

Miguelitos Ice Cream developed its own profile of formulation in soft – served ice cream. Since it opened its doors, the growth has been tremendous. Nowadays, the company has 300branches nationwide since it also offers franchising.


3. Mr. Potato

Mr. Potato opened its first cart at La Nueba City Mall, Cebu City in July, 2013, offering three distinct flavored-fries– BBQ, Cheese, and Sour Cream in four convenient cup sizes. The premium fries of Mr. Potato quickly captured the tastebuds of the Cebuanos and the growth was simply inevitable. Today, Mr. Potato carts are ubiquitous in Cebu City and the neighboring provinces as well as Visayas and Mindanao and is now becoming a household name because of its quality fries.


4. Foss Coffee

Foss Coffee is a Coffee Cart business, established in 2009 which has about 60 outlets and still growing through by means of franchising. Foss Coffee Kiosk offers best tasting brewed coffee beverages to its customers. Foss Coffee frappe speciality includes ice blended coffee and ice blended cream and its irresistible treats turn new customers into repeat customers.


5. Lemon Express

Lemon Express is one of the new foodcart concept introduced to the market by E-Concept Foodcart Business Inc. offering fresh and pure lemon flavored juice drinks.