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by Rudolf Kotik | Mr. Rudolf Kotik is the founder of RK Franchise Consultancy. RK developed more than 800 Filipino Companies into Franchise System


Franchising is the answer in a growing number of sectors adapted to current ways of living, namely: retail and services, food carts, restaurants and fast food, specialized health and beauty businesses and others. It is a system that actively participates in the modernization of trade and service practice. It is obvious that franchising has reaffirmed itself as the most profitable means to take advantage of traditional economic multipliers.

We have an international outlook that’s why a lot of foreign Franchisors are successful in our Country, and simultaneously we do love our native soil even better. The Philippines is becoming familiar and we change into Globalization but still, we feel we belong where we were born or where we live, be it Manila, Cebu, Mindanao, or anywhere else in the Archipelago. We want to take part in scale economies while having the capacity to develop and adapt our own local energy and strategy.

It is the only business model that eases the partnership between two strong economic factors, both deeply engaged in a daily battle, having complementary capacities and clear separate responsibilities – the Franchisor and Franchisee; keeping a straight long-term objective in mind.

For would be Franchisors, don’t be scared, go for it if you have the qualifications to Franchise. Grow big with OPM, “Others People Money”, instead of investing your own growth of your Company. Think big and grow big through Franchising.

Franchising is here to stay and to grow stronger and bigger in the third millennium not only in the Philippines but worldwide. One step towards globalization for established Philippine Franchisors may be franchising out internationally as 30 of more than 700 Franchisor clients of RK Franchise Consultancy do already.

Originally published from Franchising PH Magazine